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See what others have said about our care

"I see Dr. Hoffman for asthma and sinus problems. His services are excellent and keep me asthma free and healthy." - Gatlin Tynes


"I hurt my back and was in severe pain for several weeks. After seeing Dr. Hoffman, I have been feeling much better! With helpful, friendly staff, and great services, I'd rate Hoffman Chiropractic a 10/10!" - Morgan Pitts


"I had been suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, severe headaches, and numbness in my hands and legs. Dr. Hoffman relieved all of my symptoms in a very short amount of time. I am 100% satisfied with my service and experience, each and every time I am in his office!" - Sylvia Cates


"I had severe back pain, to the point where I could hardly walk into Dr. Hoffman's office. After only 2 short weeks, Dr. Hoffman had me feeling 100% again. Hoffman Chiropractic works wonders! They listen to your complaints of pain, try to find the best treatment plan that fits your needs, and are always very helpful. I feel like family in their office!" - Jennifer Rigby


"After one visit with Dr. Hoffman, my neck and back pain was totally alleviated! I am so happy with every aspect of the practice!"-Ginger Ott


"I started seeing Dr. Hoffman for back pain. After 1 week, he had me feeling wonderful!" - James Waller


"He does a good job with my back pain!"-Linda Raymond


"Dr. Hoffman always makes me feel aligned and refreshed!!" - L.I.


“Before I started seeing Dr. Hoffman I had many visits to my regular physician for antibiotics to help me feel better. Now, that I have been under regular care with Dr. Hoffman, I have not been on any antibiotics in over four years.” – C.A.


“I had trouble staying focused at school. After seeing Dr. David, I now feel better.” – G.O.


Dr Hoffman adjusting

“My chronic low back (pain) severely limited my activity. After seeing Dr. Hoffman I have experienced a significant reduction in pain and an increase in mobility. Other chiropractors in the past treated me as number and hardly spent any time with me. Dr. Hoffman always spends the extra time in educating me on what is happening with my body and how he is going to help me get better. I now LOVE my chiropractor.” – R.M.


“Dr. Hoffman ROCKS!” – L.E.


For questions, contact us by email at or by phone at 228-875-0595.

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